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Preserving food with nature

Phusis Bio is using the power of nature to develop solutions for agriculture and the food industry. We are creating a paradigm shift in the field of nutrition while also protecting the planet.

Phusis creates products that advance the de-carbonization of the
agricultural and food industries. With expertise in developing unique microbial technologies, Phusis uses its artificial intelligence system to find naturally occurring microbes that are optimal and highly effective in developing specific ingredients that solve some of the biggest challenges face by the food industry.

Using a proprietary fermentation platform we can deliver high performance, sustainable & clean-label ingredients to help companies meet the growing demand from their customers, and lower their carbon footprint.

Phusis = Nature

Phusis is the ancient Greek word for “nature.” As in English, it can be used both for the
natural world as a whole and as the intrinsic state of being. At Phusis, we are developing a biotechnology platform at the convergence of biology, nutrition and climate change. We believe we can use the power of nature to develop solutions for the agricultural and food industry which will make a profound impact on the planet and the lives of those living on it.

Get to know our vision

At Phusis, we are dreaming big while keeping our feet on the ground. We know where our expertise lies, and remain focused on our business in three key areas:


Industry Leadership

We are a pioneer and a leader in the fermentation industry and will continue to develop solutions to industries biggest challenges, all while staying true to our area of expertise.

World Class Product Platform

As a product focused organization, we will continue to reap the rewards for developing products that solve real-world problems and pain points. Our platform investments will leverage the same toolbox and apply it to market vertical expansion.

Partner of Choice

We will continue to establish and grow partnerships with industry leaders. We will be the partner of choice for the markets we serve as we actively solve challenges across nutrition and climate change.

To achieve success we are building an organization that knows how to win. Phusis is a company that is second to none in leadership, talent, culture and fermentation capabilities.

A Hub for Top Talent

We will attract the best and the brightest in the industry by focusing on those who have the aspiration and the humility to solve real world challenges in nutrition and climate change using the power of biology.

A Winning Culture

We strive to develop and maintain an organizational culture based on trust, humility, candor and entrepreneurial spirit where the best ideas win. We support taking risks and challenging the status-quo.

Industrial Scale Production

We will operate multiple large-scale precision fermentation assets and serve some of the largest companies in food, human and animal nutrition and the personal care industry.

The Technology

Carbon is the building block of all life, including microbes.

We use naturally occurring microorganisms to ferment sugars into organic acids by precisely controlling various physical and chemical conditions in the medium in which the micro-organism grow and reproduces thereby making the fermentation process highly efficient.
Our proprietary technology has the ability to up-regulate and down-regulate specific organic acids so as to make a proprietary blend tailor made for specific end use markets and nutraceutical applications.

We use a fermentation platform for production.

While much of our technology is proprietary, our manufacturing process is a plug-and-play fermentation platform which supports cost-effective scale up and an ability to leverage and acquire existing sites with minimal down time. Fermentation is a common practice and has been used for centuries to make hundreds of different products.


Naturally occurring organism


Fermentation in controlled conditions


Separation of organism


Filtration and drying


Final product for use in food applications

Nature Preserve

PhusisBio has developed a unique class of clean-label natural preservatives using a proprietary blend of organic acids which are highly effective in protecting and preserving various types of food such as baked goods, packaged goods, plant-based milk, dairy products, alternative meats, pet food and traditional meats. Our first product is called Nature Preserve, which outperforms other natural preservatives:

  • It is 3-4 x more effective
  • Offers improved sensory experience with no negative impact on taste
  • Provides ~20% immediate cost-in-use savings
  • Offers improved sensory experience with no negative impact on taste
  • Delivers higher quality and consistency
  • It is a verifiable bio-based source (C-14 isotope testing by batch)

It is a best-in-class alternative to both natural and synthetic preservatives. It allows food manufacturers to achieve their ESG goals, and deliver a clean label to their customers.

Common Natural Preservatives

Day 1
Day 15

Nature PreserveTM

Day 1
Day 20
Day 30

Nature Preserve™ Advantages


A 3-4X longer shelf life compared to natural preservatives


No off-notes or negative impact on product taste


Natural preservatives cost 12-20X more than synthetic per application


Consistent results every time with no impact on performance

Verified Bio-Based Source

Carbon-14 isotope analysis will be available to verify 100% bio-based source

Nature Preserve™ Business Impact

Less Waste

Lower spoilage

Less Labor

Easier shelf management

Clean Label

Allergen-free, gluten-free, keto-friendly, Non-GMO*, Organic*

Happier Customers

Longer lasting products

Lower Carbon Footprint

Longer shelf life means fewer deliveries

Market Verticals

Food Preservation and Protection

Phusis is developing unique class of clean label natural preservatives each specialized for key food categories including bakery, plant-based milks, dairy, packaged goods, alt meats, pet food and conventional meats.

Animal Nutrition

Animal agriculture’s use of antibiotics are creating dangerous super bugs. Phusis has customized its fermentation platform to develop products that reduce and /or eliminate the need for antibiotics.

Personal Care

The majority of ingredients in the personal care industry come from chemicals. Phusis develops products which can replace synthetic ingredients in flavors, fragrance and personal care products through its fermentation platform.

Performance Nutrition

Many of the ingredients required for performance nutrition are expensive and highly damaging to the rainforests and biodiversity. Phusis develops high-performance nutraceuticals for infant nutrition and performance nutrition to replace and eliminate palm oil-based products.

Sustainable Aviation

Currently there is lack of sustainable alternatives for the aviation industry. Phusis is developing high performance natural lubricants to replace synthetic lubricants which reduces greenhouse gas emissions and enables a sustainable aviation sector.

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